The Stintino area and the Asinara region offer guests a wide choice of touristic, sporting and entertainment activities.
For tips and information on how to fully enjoy your holidays in Sardinia, please ask us at reception.
Hotel Ristorante Silvestrino partners with Agenzia La Nassa to offer discounted excursions, rentals and transfers.

Excursions in the Asinara Park

Discover the magic of Asinara – get there by bus, train, off-road vehicle… experience it on foot, on horseback or by boat. Lots of ideas for your trip to a real paradise in the north of Sardinia.

Diving and Snorkeling in Stintino

The exceptional seabed of theProtected Marine Area of the Asinara National Park offer unique opportunities for lovers of diving and snorkeling.
Several operators offer interesting packages for diving and snorkeling in and out of the Park area.
To book your excursions, please refer to La Nassa agency, our partner for touristic activities.

Little Green Train

One of the best ways to tour the landscape of the island, especially the interior, and learn about its different aspects, is by a journey on the Little Green Train.
The train traverses territory rich in greenery, where the railway line, the bridges, the stations, and the typical houses all seem to be part of the landscape, perfectly placed in an environment which can sometimes only be reached by rail. And the train moves at the right speed, allowing the traveller to observe and appreciate the landscape and the greenery, which gradually change as you proceed along the line.