Don’t dream of Sardinia… live it

Stintino is among the most beautiful and popular tourist locations, even internationally. Its evocative marinas, always full of boats, rise out of deep inlets, Stintino in fact conserves its original fishing town characteristics even to this day.
It is extremely popular for its La Pelosa beach that enchants visitors with its superfine dazzling white sands and striking seabeds in colours that range from turquoise to light blue; an excellent destination for water sports enthusiasts.
From this stunning beach you can easily see the island of Piana and the little island of the tower of Pelosa, with its Aragonese structure of great historical interest. You can also admire the cliffs of Capo Falcone that is today considered a protected area. The entire zone is characterised by a vast expanse of Maquis shrubland and by the presence of animals such as the marginated tortoise, wild cats and foxes.
From La Pelosa beach you can also see Asinara Island, now a national park, that can be visited by way of fascinating excursions by sea and more.
Asinara Island’s historic, environmental and legal situation is extremely unique, and after a period of isolation which lasted more than a century it has become charming precisely for its mystery and beauty.
The Island is extremely picturesque due to the conservation of virgin areas and the variety of flora and fauna that make it a unique heritage of immeasurable worth.
Since it is a protected territory, many species of animals can be found there, including the last specimens of the famous white donkey characteristic of the island, mouflons, sea turtles and tortoises but also a wide variety of birds including the golden eagle and the buzzard.
Shortly before arriving at the town we also encounter other stunning beaches including those of Ezzi Mannu and Le Saline. In this zone there are also some ponds where, in certain periods of the year, the gorgeous pink flamingos wade, as do other species of interesting birds.