Excursions in the Asinara Park

Guided excursion with road train

The guided excursion with the road train, which for the first time goes to Asinara, allows the visitor to enjoy the sensations and the fragrances of the various seasons of the year, and spring in particular. Recommended for groups and schoolchildren, the train drives slowly through the main thoroughfare that crosses the National Park, from Fornelli to Cala d’Oliva, 25 km of scenery that transforms through space and time.
There are several pauses made along the route to take photos of animals in the wild and the scenery, from the viewpoint on the protected beach of Cala Sant’Andrea to the sudden change of landscape on the “mare di fuori” (outer sea), including impromptu breaks to see the white donkeys up close. During the warmer seasons another break is planned to get a chance to immerse yourself in the crystalline waters of the Stagno Lungo bay, opposite the bay of Reale.
The same managers also organise the sea transport to coincide with the train departure. The excursion lasts the whole day and is guided by the expert and experienced hands of the exclusive Park Guides.
The various transportation means are equipped with wheelchair-accessible platforms.

Off-road guided excursion

The guided excursion with eight-seater off-road vehicles are recommended for visitors that are already familiar with the island or who want to experience it for the first time in a way that only a small group can.
Recommended for visitors travelling alone or small groups of friends, the off-road vehicles travel slowly through the wildest dirt tracks of the island from Fornelli to Elighe Mannu, you can place your complete trust in the experience of the guide or personalise the excursion according to cultural, natural or touristic needs. The off-road vehicles are the Land Rover 110, and it is possible to hire them also for other activities, such as photography or natural research excursions.
Various breaks are included to admire and photograph animals in the wild as well as scenery, from the viewpoint on the protected beach of Cala Sant’Andrea to the sudden change in landscape on the “mare di fuori” (outer sea). Impromptu off-road breaks are frequent, to see the white donkeys up close or to photograph a bird in the pond. In the warmer seasons there is an extra break scheduled to take a dip in the crystalline Asinara waters.
For the off-road excursion contact the operators. The same manager will help the visitor to organise sea transport on the island to coincide with the departure of the vehicles. The excursion lasts the whole day.

Guided hiking excursion

It is possible to organise guided hiking excursions by contacting the Park’s own Guides.
They will be able to suggest the best excursions for you, based on your interests and the season.
From Fornelli, for example, one could start the excursion to Castellaccio or the easier paths of Granito and Acqua. From Cala Reale, many easy paths that trace back the History of the island. Towards Trabuccato, one can follow the Asino Bianco (White Donkey) path, which offers many opportunities to meet this local and friendly animal.
Cala d’Oliva is the starting point of the most demanding paths: the Leccio, which leads you high up, with panoramic views of both sides of the island, and the Faro, long but less intense, which takes you to one of the Park’s wildest and most isolated areas. The area of Cala d’Oliva offers short walks, such as the descent to the beaches of Cala Sabina and Cala Giordano. Or a relaxing break under the poplars of Cala dei Detenuti, with the possibility of crossing the fascinating valley of Lavatoio.
Maps of the paths can be printed out upon request at the Visitors centres visita of Fornelli and Cala Reale or can be downloaded from the website.
The island can be reached on authorised boats.

Fishing Tourism Excursion

This excursion with licensed local fishermen allows you to see a different face of the island – the sea and the people who work on it.
The excursion is made in fishing boats, with departures from the port of Stintino. After a short trip you will reach the waters of the Protected Marine Area, where you can witness the classic operations that a fisherman performs every day – lowering and setting nets or pots, and analysing the catch. The various fishing techniques will be illustrated, and during the day you can make a short excursion to the island. And of course, you can enjoy the catch of the day for lunch with your fellow travellers and the fishermen.
To book a fishing tourism excursion, call the operators direct.

Sailing boat excursion

A very popular type of trip is the excursion on a sailing boat. Usually these are classic pleasure boats of about 10 m length, rigged as sloops, but trips can also be made in lateen sailing boats and catamarans. The sailing boat excursion allows you to enjoy the natural elements of the wind and the sea, with a small group of people and experienced sailors.
During the excursion it is possible to take a short walk on the island and, during the hottest periods, to stop at the most hidden inlets of the island, where you can swim to the shore or go snorkeling.
For sailing boat excursions, please contact the operators direct.

Horse-riding excursion

It is possible to ride through the paths of the central part of the island, starting from the Campo Perdu Centro Ippico, by contacting the association ASSIAL Cavalcando l’Asinara, which manages the Centre.