Silvestrino Restaurant

The Hotel with fine cuisine in the heart of Stintino

Silvestrino Restaurant, recommended in the best gastronomic guides, is renowned for the excellence cultivated over 30 years by the chef Efisio, son of the founder Silvestrino, and his continual research into primary ingredients including local seafood. Silvestrino Restaurant is an ideal location for a delectable dinner that will delight the palate with fine cuisine that is simple yet sophisticated, savoured in combination with the best wines Sardinia has to offer.

Our Dishes

Stintino’s seafood is the king of our menu, beginning with lobster, followed by seafood starters, fregula pasta, Silvestrino’s “Baci” (kisses), risottos and more. Particular attention is given to Stintino’s traditions, in addition to the lobster is tuna roe made in the traditional method.